samedi 1 octobre 2011

Il Manifesto, auf englischer Sprache

Manifesto to be plastered

The theater of questions is political.
It instantaneously acts. It is contra and without indication.

The theater of questions is poetical.
It doesn’t want to say what it does. It doesn’t know what it says, and doesn’t do anything to say what it says.

The theater of questions is prophetic.
Won’t questions invade the world very soon ?
Won’t they track down answers and answering-machines in their positions ?
Won’t they come to absolutely relative power ?
They will.

The theater of questions is war.
On March, 20, 1999 a commando of just men will be released in the streets of Saint-Nazaire, in order to replace all the answering-machines in the city by questioning-machines. We are game for anything. Everything is ready. Why do answering-machines never answer ? Impostors will be exposed and sent back to their jobs.

The theater of questions never steps back.

The theater of questions is personally collective.
It is everybody and everyone and everyone in everybody’s business ; aren’t there several of us in ourselves, there are several of you in yourself, there are several of themselves, Long Live Everybody.

The theater of questions will be adamant. And not dealt with.

The theater of questions will never wear out. And will never be commonly used.

The theater of questions proceeds by convolutions.
It progresses in minds by lurking and insinuating. It spits at what is straight and makes it curved.

The theater of questions is irresponsible.
Because it is not very responsible to impose so many answers to the world and ask so few questions. Suggestion : let’s reverse it.

The theater of questions is instantly constitued into the republic of questions, with its schools, its rules, its cities, its shoe repairers, its roads, its government, its archives, its clothes, its debauchery, its police, its investigations, its perfect parliamentary administrator, its inquisition, its theater, its stupig religion, its graveyards, its jails, its songs.
Participate to its working out by becoming Secretary of State of I-do-not-know-what straight away !

The theater of questions is reversibly reversible.
Let’s reverse the lugubrious tendency to ask too many questions and not enough questions. Let’s dare to ask questions ! Let’s ask questions ! Let’s also propose the reverse of questions !

The theater of questions yearns passionately for the constitution which will turn it into the state of the question, with its laws only in questions. Ho - ho !

The theater of questions is irresponsible.
Besides, it does not listen to what it is told.
It trickles, like sand.

The theater of questions does not regret anything.
It bites, it crunches death and bites again.

The theater of questions is irresponsible.
It thinks and lies like a sponge.

To be continued…

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